1. Fantastic analysis! First time I’m interested in understanding more about logotypes and logomarks in video games and it seemed like a really fun subject.
    I agree that the image of the valkyrie from the first game would hardly be Lenneth portrayed, but I think the arrangement of the hair (which resembles flames) the color of the logomark (which resembles fire) and the circle around it (the fire wall) could be references to Brünnhilde from The Ring of the Nibelung


    • Yeah! Logotypes and logomarks in video games are a really fun subject, it is one of my favorites! And it is true, I had not noticed what you say about The Ring of the Nibelung, it makes a lot of sense. Thank you for that information! 😀 And tell me Kayuusha, do you have a video game logotype that is your favorite?


      • Hey! I think all logotypes from Final Fantasy main serie. I recently realized there’s color on the number of the FFIX logotype, I don’t know why on this moment, but sounds like interesting 🤔


      • Oh yeah! I love those logotypes and the idea behind each one. I am guessing that the color in the number FFIX is to continue with the idea of the gradient of the crystal of the center.

        I have the idea to write about these logos at some point but… it is a very extensive topic. But I have them in my “to do” list 😛

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