A little about me

When I was six-years-old, I was introduced to the video game world by my brother, who is the culprit for a lot of decisions I made during my life (it’s because he can be very persuasive or… maybe… just maybe… because I admire him so much that I follow all his advice). However, I know very well that thanks to him, and to my mother’s teachings, I didn’t just take but learn to take good decisions. All this leads me to create a blog about two of the best decisions of my life (or at least the ones I like the most): my hobby (the video games) and my profession (Graphic Design).


Like I said before, I play video games since I was a little girl (I have to thank my mother for not seeing them as something negative as other parents did) and until now, I still play them (not as much as before due to work, but I try to find the time).

I remember that my first video games were: Super Mario World (know initially in Japan as Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. 4), Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI (which it was marked as Final Fantasy III when I played it for Super Nintendo). Little by little, this hobby help build my personality and made me do things that open me many doors. The first one, simple but very useful, was to learn a language different from mine. Maybe sounds silly, but my biggest motivation to learn English, and now Japanese, is to play more and more games. I still have a lot to learn, but that’s why I take the resolve to write a blog in English so…don’t be too hard on me, I promise to improve with each article I write.

The video games, along with my brother, were also an influence in my choice of profession, which it was also a very important resolution in my life. Like my brother, I wanted to study “Computer Science” to be able to programmer video games. Nevertheless, it was my brother who made me realize of my wrong approach since my true inclination was toward the graphic design, not programming. Even now, I’m still very happy for having studying “Graphic Design” instead of “Computer Science” and be able to focus on interface design.


For this blog I decided to focus my efforts in talking about video games, interfaces, digital illustration and other curiosities about these subjects. I’m going to share analysis, reviews, tips and personal experiences. 


I want to find people who love the same as me to be able to share opinions. This is going to be like a catharsis for me, it’s going to help me for practicing my English and, the best of all, to have fun! Then, I hope you like this blog and… let’s begin!!!!