Have you ever played a video game over and over again to obtain the one ending you are missing? But no matter what you do, you never get it? Is the desperation such that you search the internet just to realize that there are only a few people who talk about the walkthrough you need, but in a language that you don’t know? Or did you try everything they said, but it didn’t work?

Well… this all happens to me when I was playing the Cheritz’s Otome “Mystic Messenger”. I had managed to obtain all the endings of all the characters except one: the Ray Bad Story Ending 3. One day, after resting for a few months from the game, I tried again and promised myself that if I succeeded, I would start the blog I was planning a long time ago. The idea was to add to the blog the guide to obtain this ending, even though the topic of the blog that I thought wasn’t that of video game walkthroughs. Silly reason to motivate myself to do something, right? But hey… I got it and here I am!!

So here I am to fulfill my promise. After reading a lot of walkthroughs and with a little luck, here is the detailed guide to get the Ray Bad Story Ending 3. If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please comment!!

1st day

02:12 Jaehee’s Doubt

  1. I’m usually up at early morning.
  2. You mean you work until this hour?
  3. You can ask me.
  4. I can see the polar star out the window!
  5. Someone installed it for me. Someone I know.
  6. That’s a secret.
  7. I know how desperate you are, but I don’t have much that I know. I don’t even have a card.
  8. Please don’t suspect me, and let’s just be friends. T-T You’re asking me too much.
  9. What does he want to know about me?
  10. I want to know more about the RFA. I hope you can teach me a lot.
  11. Okay.
  12. I’m going to stay up some more!


  • V: Rika is the master key.
  • Jaehee Kang: I’d like to talk to you than the other members.
  • Ray: Sure, as long as you help me.
  • Zen: It’s a relief you’re here T_T
  • 707: [System Failure] Your text cannot be sent.

06:30 The Open Sea Between 0 and 1

I missed this chatroom

08:26 Cats and Dogs

  1. Zen! Good morning.
  2. Welcome, Jumin!
  3. You can leave, Jumin.
  4. I’m in a princess’s room, and my bias installed this app for me ^^
  5. Sorry, I can’t tell you more… It’s a secret…
  6. Don’t be scared of me and love me!
  7. I’ll trust your instinct, Zen ^^
  8. I want to be friends with everyone…
  9. Isn’t it illegal to check my background without my consent?
  10. I understand. Nobody would leave suspicion out in this situation. I’m also frustrated that I can’t tell you a lot.
  11. Do you know the definition of the word modesty?
  12. That’s right. Jaehee’s free to work or not.
  13. Good luck on your work, Mr. Han.
  14. He seems weird lolol He’s funny.
  15. I think it’s time for you to win the Nobel Prize in Beauty.
  16. Let’s chat again, Zen.

11:49 Importance of Meals

  1. I can eat up to 6 meals per day.
  2. That’s one glamorous lunch box!
  3. Welcome, Yoosung ^^
  4. Is it because I joined?
  5. That sounds like a waste of your tuition.
  6. Their relationship is their issue. Don’t you think a third-party’s evaluation is really meaningless?
  7. Perhaps V and Rika weren’t that close.
  8. What secrets?
  9. I don’t know about Rika and V’s relationship…but you should first calm down.
  10. I think you should first calm down.
  11. Whatever it is you have to do, you should eat first –
  12. You should hurry up and eat, Jaehee!
  13. I’m a bit worried about him –
  14. Enjoy your lunch, Jaehee!


  • Jaehee Kang: You can get whatever you want!

14:08 Zen’s Consideration

  1. Hello –
  2. Did you make any mistake during your audition?
  3. What is that musical about?
  4. Whoa…interesting!
  5. That’s really a shame…
  6. How about playing for a cat role?
  7. I already know about you, Zen hehe
  8. It’s Hyun Ryu.
  9. Can I call you honey?
  10. …?
  11. Ray?
  12. When are you going to drop by my room?
  13. I think everyone wants to find out my relationship with this person called Rika. What should I do?
  14. You, Ray ^^
  15. Could you first tell me what you like?
  16. See you soon, Ray!
  17. Tell me about it. Is it some sort of a bug?
  18. This is the arena of communication for all!
  19. You’ll mark yourself in everyone’s lips in a mere day.
  20. hehehehehe


  • Zen: Not-so-handsome actor with a style of his own.

16:33 Dear Party Coordinator

  1. The weather is so nice today.
  2. Do your eyes really get better if you look up at the sky?
  3. Yes, please. I think that’d be a great help.
  4. I’m interested in the networking part!
  5. Is that part of my task too?
  6. Are you sure that was a good kind of charisma?
  7. Did your friend text you?
  8. I think I smell fried wings
  9. bye bye


  • Yoosung★: What’s your dream girl like?

18:17 I need healing time

  1. ex-boyfriend
  2. Ewwww!!!
  3. My one and only love?
  4. So can I start my reports with u?
  5. Lucky 7%?
  6. Meow
  7. Pssssh…. (sound effect)
  8. Why not summon me instead of Elly?
  9. You shouldn’t torment animals!
  10. No wonder the cat hated it so much –
  11. What about Zen?
  12. Sounds like a fair deal.
  13. It’s an emoji that shows that your lips are zip locked
  14. mmmppffff
  15. You seem to trust V a lot….
  16. Can I unzip them?
  17. Come on, there’s no way Jumin’s interested in cosplaying…
  18. I’d love to see it lol
  19. You’re persistent…
  20. Good-bye, Jumin!
  21. It’d be a phenomenon if he really does! Don’t you agree?
  22. so shall we get on with it? Lol
  23. Good luck 707! The defender of peace! ☆


  • Jumin Han: I tried it!

20:02 Subject of Interest

  1. I’ll cosplay the members of the RFA.
  2. Wecome Jaehee!
  3. Jaehee, are you in charge of the papers related to RFA as well?
  4. Cruel is the reality… But if you do your best, I’m sure you’ll find happiness someday!
  5. So all I have to do is to invite as many people to the party and raise the scores for my meter right? Lol
  6. Your psychological settings are so complicated. Must’ve been shaped with extra great care.
  7. But why is this place off-limits to outsiders? Seems like an ordinary chat room to me lol
  8. I’m not a bad person! It’s just that I have a whole lot to learn!
  9. My game might be over if I tell you. It’s a secret!
  10. I’m being exploited…?
  11. No one’s exploiting me. I’m just here to have fun with you all!
  12. This initial setting is a bit tricky. But that’ll make the progress of the relationship more rewarding…
  13. Jaehee, I believe we’ll be able to trust each other soon. Good luck wrapping up your work!
  14. Time for your preening, Zen! You gotta make yourself an international treasure!
  15. You do make sure your facial pores are open before you move on to the cleansing part, right?
  16. Bye, sexy.

21:34 Richness in Wine

  1. Welcome, Jumin.
  2. Good day? How come?
  3. You got your deal! Congrats!
  4. Maybe they want to have you as their model.
  5. Jumin, you’ve already got talents! Now you’re telling me you’ve gots looks well? T-T
  6. Tell me about it. Did you tell them where you live?
  7. Yes, absolutely! You have this luxurious atmosphere.
  8. I’m curious, too. Could you let me know the results once they come out?
  9. .I see that V likes wine too.
  10. What if both of you model…?!
  11. Did Rika also like wine?
  12. Jumin….
  13. I’ll help too.
  14. Do you have an automatic timer installed in your head by any chance?

23:25 Intriguing Person

  1. oh here comes the final boss
  2. Is that you and Rika…?
  3. It’s all a secret. Shh!
  4. I’m just an ordinary person.
  5. I’ll call the police if you violate my portrait rights.
  6. They were so wary of me.
  7. The purpose of my life…is my bias…
  8. Are you warning me right now?
  9. What? Is this a bug?!
  10. Goodbye.


  • Come in.
  • I’ve been waiting for you, Ray.
  • It was fun! It felt like talking to actual people instead of AIs.
  • The black-haired man in a suit with a temper.
  • Now that we talked about games, I want to talk about you, Ray.

2nd day

TEXT MESSAGE (I had this message when I woke up XD ):

  • V: I like all members of the RFA. I want to good friends with you all asap.

01:19 Expectation and Uneasiness

I missed this chatroom


  • Yoosung★: I understand. I’m sure I’ll do the same if I were in your shoes.

02:44 Night of Reminiscence

  1. Good evening, Jumin.
  2. So you’re saying that I’m currently holding information superiority.
  3. What’s so bad about questioning?
  4. Oooh busted. I actually came from another dimension.
  5. Where is my Prince Charming waiting for me – ?
  6. That’s one elegant sense of humor you have, Jumin.
  7. Just where did you get that book…?
  8. I vote for a chat on RFA!
  9. Was that spell…for summoning V instead of shapeshifting, by any chance…?
  10. You’re drunk, Jumin…
  11. Aww – I wish I could get a glass of wine too!
  12. But I’m guessing that you managed to get back home safe.
  13. Perhaps he’s sleeping while chatting.
  14. Don’t you think your memories are too detailed, Jumin…?
  15. I-know-no-such-thing-as-sloppiness boy lolololol
  16. So you two first met when you two were really young.
  17. So what did you tell him, Jumin?
  18. So this is Jumin’s drunken habit.
  19.  I think both of you should go to bed.
  20. What’s that matter?
  21. Good night, Jumin!
  22. You two share a whole lot memories.
  23. I looks like Jumin trust you a lot.
  24. Do you think there really is something you can do in this situation?
  25. I’m going to bed now too.

07:50 Unexpected Visit

  1. I see you’ve logged in early, V.
  2. Kind of… But I’m sure we’ll be able to hold parties somehow.
  3. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m curious what you’ve got more to say. So let’s continue.
  4. I already knew who you are.
  5. I slept very well. I think I like my new room. Did you have a good rest last night?
  6. Thank you, Ray. You’re so good at cooking!
  7. I’m so excited! I think I’ll have much more fun discovering all the secrets!
  8. They’re really AIs…right? They feel so real.
  9. I think you’re really warmhearted man, Ray.
  10. Who is that?
  11. I’ll be waiting.


  • Ray: Rice!

09:37 The Act of Hacking God

  1. Uh-huh and it looks like your mind’s been wiped clean too.
  2. Do you have that book titled Unknown Dark Magic or whatever?
  3. That’s my username.
  4. Welcome, Jaehee.
  5. Way to go, Jaehee! Hit him harder!
  6. So you sure the messenger server is absolutely safe?
  7. Business, personal, and backup? You do know a thing or two, Seven.
  8. What difference is there between business server and propagation server? ;;
  9. Give me a kitty picture, and I’ll keep my mouth shut.
  10. Time to call the police.
  11. Please don’t be so mean to him. I’m sure he’ll do his best.
  12. Oh? Did you find anything about me?
  13. That hacker goes by the name of the developer…
  14. byebyebye
  15. I hope nothing bad happens.
  16. I think everyone’s being too gracious with V. Is he really worth such a high evaluation?
  17. But what really matters to you is your research about me, isn’t it?
  18. Are there really vampires in Romania?
  19. Be careful! It could be fraud!

12:00 Lots I Want To Do Together

  1. The user is here –
  2. Did you have lunch, Ray?
  3. If you didn’t eat, then I don’t want to eat, either.
  4. You must be really talented.
  5. That sounds great!
  6. No, I like you more than those AIs.
  7. I’m not bored. I get to talk to you like this from time to time.
  8. Why is this game so full of bugs?
  9. Of course. You’re much more amazing than him.
  10. Important guest?
  11. Good luck on your work Ray!

13:57 V’s Decision

  1. What?! It’s V!
  2. That took long. What’s the hold-up?
  3. Don’t tell me I’ve been stuck on the tutorial all this time…
  4. You know that the other members won’t be happy, but you’re going to hold parties?
  5. I hope you’d let me know asap.
  6. I’ll decide on that eventually.
  7. Can’t I recommend guests too?
  8. Can I call you in the middle of the night?
  9. I wish you could at least give me recommendations.
  10. Goodbye.


  • V: It looks like my meter is rising. I feel proud.

15:24 Recommendation of Trust

  1. hey hey CEO-in-line
  2. Really? What is it? I’m all ears!
  3. There’s C&R right there – the No. 1 corporate of Korea!
  4. You collect antique books? That’s an elegant hobby.
  5. Sounds great! We’ll get to hear the secret behind his long life.
  6. Welcome, Yoosung.
  7. Really? What kind of gifts?
  8. That’s so right. I can’t deny it…
  9. He feels like a dictator or something. Kind of.
  10. Recommendations, please!
  11. They can take the cab.
  12. He’s right. I like seeing you bright.
  13. Jumin, the epitome of trust.
  14. Why don’t you trying reading like Jumin? Try focusing on your books.
  15. Why don’t you try trusting V too?
  16. I think it’s good to direct your thoughts somewhere else!
  17. Gooodbye bye


  • Jumin Han: It was good. Really good. Yoosung will understand.

18:26 The Universe and the Sun

  1. Hell-o Seven!
  2. Is there actually such a creation?
  3. I’ll invite it beep!
  4. What is it, Seven? Is there something bothering you?
  5. Try me.
  6. What’s that photo?
  7. Can I get your autograph?
  8. I didn’t know you sell your autographs.
  9. Don’t be so mean to him!
  10. I can see a crevasse of difference between you and Seven, V. Seven is basically a slave for money…
  11. Doesn’t matter if you’re already a Catholic. I raise your name up high!
  12. Can you count me in?
  13. Those left behind should carry on.
  14. Yes, it is. I understand why Seven’s concerned.
  15. He’s gone.
  16. The picture that was uploaded also had the sun blazing.
  17. Because light is crucial when taking pictures?
  18. Maybe he’s sick…?
  19. You’re such a good boy, Seven
  20. Of course!

20:13 Party at Saturn?

  1. Hello, Jaehee!
  2. But its’ just a day. He’ll be fine.
  3. You two much be quite close!
  4. Pluto will feel lonely by itself. So I’d like to invite Neptune and Uranus too.
  5. I understand. I don’t wanna do anything once I get home.
  6. Please don’t worry. I can take care of it.
  7. You mean…the dish itself?
  8. Sounds delicious…I mean, sounds good!
  9. Some superior officer? Who could it be?
  10. Wow! I’ve never seen your selfie!
  11. Good luck, Jumin!
  12. So you’re saying that your cat jumped.
  13. I wanna see too! I wanna see her beautiful jump!
  14. ???
  15. Can I have more pictures of Elizabeth the 3rd?
  16. Maybe…he’s an android?
  17. You can watch Zen’s DVD.
  18. Huh? Zen!
  19. So did you de-stress at spa?
  20. You basically had a hibernation lolol
  21. I’m sure you’ll be a musical star!
  22. We can talk more tomorrow!
  23. I wonder what kind of recommendations I’ll get.
  24. Goodbye, Jaehee!
  25. Your looks will bring better things to you!
  26. I was so boring without you.

22:38 Congrats

  1. I was sightseeing in the other room. I thought I could take a break.
  2. They’re beautiful. Thank you so much, Ray.
  3. I think those AIs are not very suspicious of me now. I think this will get even better!
  4. I too wish you were my partner.
  5. I can see how happy you are.
  6. I want to stay here.
  7. I wanna be close to you, Ray.
  8. I’m counting on you. Please take care of it fast.
  9. We didn’t chat much… You’re leaving already?


  • Zen: Did you have to go a spa at a time like this?
  • Jaehee Kang: You have to take care of a cat as his assistant? T^T I wish you luck!

3rd day

00:31 Under the Shimmering Moonlight

  1. I was waiting to meet you Zen
  2. The beautiful are sleepy heads..?
  3. Wow, you’re even humble! Such perfection!
  4. Zen, riding your bike under the moonlight….
  5. That’s the thing, you can never find your driver’s license when needed.
  6. Both are so perfect. How am I choose!?
  7. You’re here to see me!!
  8. Zen, you had an accident?
  9. You feel free as a bird when you ride with the wind.
  10. Tell me what happened back then.
  11. V, you’re quite persistent.
  12. Trying to deny it by myself is too hard. I need some help here.
  13. Zen, what were you like back in the days?
  14. Life is about rebounding back when you were considering quitting lol
  15. Forget about everything and let time pass by.
  16. V, do you normally clock in such late hours?
  17. Zen, I hope you get to shoot a beer commercial.
  18. Good bye!
  19. You have a lot to worry about.
  20. I think I should get going now.

02:46 Paradox of the Survival of the Fittest

  1. I was testing the game you gave me.
  2. There’s the modern convenience called the phone.
  3. Then it’ll bloom twice as much flowers!
  4. I feel sad for the weaker stalk…
  5. I want to save the weaker stalk somehow.
  6. You’re right. The weaker stalk was the one that sacrificed!
  7. Wow…I’ll look forward to it, Ray!
  8. It was fun. With hidden morals and all….
  9. Are you going back to work?

7:00 Take Care of Your Health

  1. Why don’t you lower the brightness?
  2. I’ll get ready to write it down!
  3. Can I taste it?
  4. It’s not like the stakes are some kinds of market free-giveaways….
  5. Send in an ingredients review document as well.
  6. You don’t even know the prices at convenience stores? You must be joking!
  7. Throwing it out down the drain…of something you made with great difficulty…T_T
  8. Catching your breath is important as well.
  9. You’re nodding to that?;;;;;
  10. Awesome! Why don’t we learn its secret cleaning methods at the party?
  11. Huh; It’s Jaehee;;
  12. You are very persistent.
  13. Jaehee, good luck today!
  14. You really have only two friends?
  15. 1011011……
  16. I thought it was funny lol
  17. Stop getting distracted and get to work.


  • Jumin Han: Jumin…did you add me on the deny list? Is this text going to be denied as well

09:13 Back in the Days

  1. Cat cafe
  2. I’m ready to hit Save. Please show it to me!!!!
  3. Oh! I suppose the roads were familiar to you –
  4. Ooh, celebrity!
  5. It must have been worthwhile!
  6. Yeah. I think its harsh to compare appearances with you, Zen!
  7. The one with Pickachoo!?
  8. Great! I’ll catch Backpack Monsters by inviting him to the party.
  9. Oh…sweet jesus..!
  10. Jaehee, our professional Zen-critic, can you please explain to us what kind of performance it was?
  11. And like this, the number of photos in my folder increase one by one….
  12. AI role….? It must have been easy for an AI to play an AI role.
  13. Jaehee, have a class of cold coffee right now before you run wild.
  14. I want to know whom he’s having the meeting with –
  15. V’s dad… I wonder what kind of person he is.
  16. He would have received some hardcore education.
  17. They have few things in common, but they’re also different –
  18. A virtual world of their own…
  19. You do know that beer isn’t part of brunch, right?
  20. Are you worried?
  21. It kind of bothers me that there’s a secret V keeps even from his friend.
  22. Jaehee, have a great day today!


  • Jaehee Kang: How’s Jumin?

12:22 My Best Friend

  1. Not yet.
  2. Of course! Friends are really dear.
  3. You’re friends with flowers ^^
  4. What’s the flower language of daffodils?
  5. You can! Though more time would be needed.
  6. I’m jealous…
  7. I don’t think you’re obsessed with me. I’m just glad that you seem to care for me a lot!
  8. Then Ray, are you working for this person?
  9. I want to be with you…! My mind will not change.
  10. I want to see you today, Ray!


  • Ray: Thank you too ^^

14:09 Small Cute Adorable

  1. Oh, Savior of Justice!! Has a villain appeared?
  2. You’re a person receiving a salary.
  3. What a dangerous mission…I wonder if you can return safely…?
  4. Condolences to Jaehee’s eyes…
  5. I pray for your successful mission.
  6. Such delicate plot…This messenger is truly awesome.
  7. Is 3 days enough? Won’t you need a week?
  8. …Let me hear it out first.
  9. Jaehee….you want to get out of this fast, right?
  10. Seven! Sell your car to me!
  11. Maybe it’s duty-free business? lol
  12. It’s inevitable because of its size difference.
  13. What is it…?
  14. I’m a person with fragile wallet that gets billed with withholding tax.
  15. V might have colored his hair… TT
  16. I wish a dragon would come to the party….
  17. Let’s make an equal world for everyone together!
  18. lololol
  19. Okay! Let’s invite it!
  20. Can the party be really held properly? T_T
  21. So this person has nothing to do with the pilot you first mentioned!
  22. We cannot decline someone like that!
  23. Whoa…are you going to fall now?
  24. Sounds dangerous….
  25. I don’t think it’s a good idea to trust all of Seven’s words. I mean, we’ve seen him playing tricks a lot…
  26. Didn’t he invite the vampire and udon…..?
  27. You don’t think V told those two to recommend only the weird guests to pretend to be holding a party, do you?
  28. To rest during the evening, I must continuously work.


  • 707: A seashell mermaid!

16:32 Precious friend

  1. V! Hi!
  2. Do you think the members were serious with their recommendations?
  3. Jumin, welcome.
  4. Did you exchange any secrets?
  5. Is it humiliating secret that you can’t share with me?
  6. V, you have a lot of secrets… What kind of secrets are you hiding from your father?
  7. I think it’ll be a good occasion to get together.
  8. I think it’s was Jumin’s way of being considerate of you –
  9. Do you have any stories…like secrets regarding V?
  10. Church…? I don’t think that type of religion can heal people.
  11. Who sang better?
  12. So, who won?
  13. Yes…Sometimes an emotional decision can worsen the situation.
  14. Don’t you think this sadness isn’t something you can overcome?
  15. Bye.
  16. I think Rika was more unfortunate.
  17. I’m going to take a break now! Take care!

18:24 Explosion of Emotions

  1. Umm…I did see it, though I’m didn’t understand quite well.
  2. Doesn’t it feel like everyone is hiding something?
  3. Welcome, Zen the Gorgeous –
  4. We were talking about Jumin.
  5. You should be nice to your relatives.
  6. Whoa…isn’t that harsh? It was their daughter’s funeral…
  7. There seems be a lot of drama…
  8. I didn’t know since Rika had a bright image…
  9. It’s not easy to trust someone with secrets.
  10. I think having someone next to you would help…
  11. I don’t think that’s something…Yoosung needs.
  12. Zen said that to help you…but you just shake it off…
  13. Zen…It might reach him later on.
  14. Everyone might become more light-hearted when everyone reveals the truth!
  15. His way of grieving might be out of the world!
  16. Riding your motorcycle? Through the wind –
  17. Zen, you’ll look gorgeous even when after sweating.


  • Yoosung★: That’s because both of you do not think in each other’s shoes…

20:11 Reason Behind the Curiosity

  1. You’re on your way here? Wow…
  2. I was about to have dinner –
  3. How much do you like me?
  4. I actually feel good.
  5. I acted naturally, not trying to pry out secrets. The AIs felt really natural…
  6. Yes!


  • I’ve been waiting for you! It’s great to see you.
  • You talked about a garden.
  • I want to go to that garden fast.
  • They’re beautiful…!
  • Just what do you do here, Ray? Why are you so busy?
  • Let’s walk for few more minutes. I want to talk to you some more.

21:49 Powder of the Coordinator!

  1. Cleaning Fairy! Have you completed all your chores?
  2. Yes- I went for a walk in the gardens. It was great.
  3. I don’t know…
  4. This time it’s an insurance scam?
  5. I’m holding the phone right now.
  6. I’m embarrassed ^^
  7. Wow…!
  8. Sure –
  9. I don’t know…Perhaps he’s not sincere about it.
  10. Let’s hear it out first.
  11. Yes. I’ll order one box, please…There’s someone here who needs it…
  12. Good luck with convenience store thing!

23:07 Another Level of Salvation

  1. Hello, Jaehee! You’re up late!
  2. Troubled times, these times…
  3. Why don’t you go to a shaman? Or hire an exorcist…
  4. Um… Maybe it could actually save someone… That’s probably why deeply religious people look very happy.
  5. Yoosung, what have you been up to?
  6. Was it effective?
  7. Did you fall in to the world of gaming?
  8. Seems like a sign.
  9. Sniff…I smell something…the smell of a spaceship burning…
  10. I’m thankful that he’s become brighter…
  11. Go back to the game.
  12. Sounds like good words, but it’s always better to do an adequate amount of good deed.
  13. It may be happiness to those that want to be saved by force…
  14. Why don’t we, the RFA, inherit and continue that!?
  15. Yoosung, it might be time for you to look for professional help.
  16. Whoa, interesting!
  17. Let’s invite him! I wonder what his next costume will be after the leopard.
  18. Vent out your stress by gaming!
  19. I think he just needs a way to vent out like that for now.
  20. I think I should get some rest too.

4th day

TEXT MESSAGE (I had this message when I woke up XD ):

  • Yoosung★: No TT But can you teach me how to play LOLOL?

00:16 I Keep Thinking of You

  1. You’re back!
  2. That’s the one we saw in the garden!
  3. I would’ve been glad if you really did grab me.
  4. That sounds like a dream…
  5. I would’ve had a hard time playing this game if this wasn’t a game that you gave to me to test.
  6. I think they’re making another secret behind my back…
  7. I think it’s a bit hypocritical…
  8. No, money can’t solve everything.
  9. I think all members of the RFA are somewhat nervous and unstable.
  10. I think he has an inner problem.
  11. I thought the purpose of this game is dating.
  12. Alright! I’ll play until the end.
  13. Not really. I’m happy enough.
  14. Sure, I’ll think about it.
  15. I’m gonna stay up for a bit.

02:34 What’s Wrong?

  1. What are you doing at this hour…?
  2. Another hacking?
  3. If it happens past midnight…then that would be the developer.
  4. hey
  5. hehe it’s not a bug – I know what it is
  6. I’m sorry that I crashed in T-T waaah…
  7. Who’s your watcher?
  8. I can’t imagine what will befall if Seven’s cosplay photos are release T-T
  9. If I give you some money as a tribute, what are you going to use if for?
  10. The oh-so-scared tribute money should be used to construct Zen temples and statues…
  11. Who shall take the throne of the Seven Kingdom…?
  12. That’s lit…
  13. Did you make it yourself, Seven?
  14. I’ll check my avatar closet and pick the one I like lol
  15. There’s actually someone like that?
  16. I want some friend wings…
  17. He’s actually a girl!
  18. Don’t you think Jumin might know him?
  19. Your voice is getting smaller…
  20. Me too! Let’s invite him!
  21. Now, I guess?
  22. Are you going to say good night to me?
  23. Good night!
  24. You have a lot to work on T-T
  25. Tell your housemaid I said hi!


  • Zen: So your clothes are the key…

08:15 All-Nighter

  1. Jaehee, have you see Seven’s picture?
  2. I will immediately set it as my background image.
  3. I can’t sleep well either…
  4. Welcome ^^ Cutie boy of the RFA!
  5. What did you last night?
  6. I’m also staying up all night for this game with a bunch of AIs…
  7. Congrats!
  8. Did you mind slip from your body…?
  9. Didn’t Jumin said that you’ll make a fine intern? I knew it…
  10. Yes…you gotta have at least some sort of pleasure in your life.. Phew…
  11. How did you deal with your stress before getting into college, Yoosung?
  12. Did you play go…?
  13. hehehe…
  14. but I gotta finish that I’ve started!
  15. But you should deal with the fundamental problem…
  16. But you still gotta find out what you can!
  17. Umm…could you let me know if you find out what secret there is?
  18. But you should hang on for your philosophy class!
  19. I hope your dream about LOLOL
  20. And I think he deserves an applaud for trying to find his answers under his circumstances.
  21. Sure, I’ll see you later! You can leave Yoosung to me – ^^

10:22 Understanding and Respect

  1. Hi…!
  2. I think you should tell me what you’re hiding before you ask what I know.
  3. I’ll think about it, depending on what you show me.
  4. Creating a lot of secrets doesn’t help communication, either…
  5. Hello, Jumin.
  6. Are you jealous? Lol
  7. I already told you that I can’t answer that part…
  8. Interest…? Wait, are you…?
  9. Anything suspicious going on?
  10. So he’s trying to make a deal by using his son…
  11. Jumin, I think this is up to you, without any bias or prejudice.
  12. I don’t think there is no good or bad family. There’s only ‘my family’.
  13. Is there a secret to your father’s private life?
  14. Count me in too!
  15. I hope my joining can help the RFA to progress in a good way.
  16. What is it?
  17. Ciao!
  18. You think so? He looks like…a cold son of a rich family.
  19. I agree. It feels like Jumin kind of knows what you’re hiding, but he’s pretending that he doesn’t know.
  20. I think Jumin will not be happy with that when he hears it.
  21. Do you think that I’ll find myself in danger?

12:00 I Really Want to See You

  1. Huh…? You’re back.
  2. Does it hurt a lot? I’m worried…
  3. Yes, I’ll make sure I tell you…!
  4. Yes, he sounded like…like you’re a threat to the RFA, Ray.
  5. Yes…this game could be over if I tell them, right?
  6. Looks like you hate all members of the RFA, Ray…
  7. Do you want me to pursue that AI? Would that help you?
  8. I wonder what the happy ending is like! I’ll keep the secret.
  9. I want to be with you if I can!
  10. 707!
  11. Programmed? So you mean you’re also…
  12. Doesn’t that mean it’s more work for you, Ray?
  13. Yes, I‘d like to stay with you…and continue playing this game you make for me.
  14. Take your pills now! I hope you get better!
  15. Don’t worry –


  • Ray: I’ll do as you wish, Ray.

14:41 Portrait of the Youthful Days in Campus

  1. Hey!
  2. Did you do well? Lol
  3. There goes your dream of campus life…
  4. Becoming the best gamer in the country?
  5. I think the purpose of your application is a bit off, but I’ll give you a pass… This world is a bit off in the first place…
  6. That’s not a simple problem…It’s difficult to fix that T-T
  7. Listening to you makes me wanna lie in my bed…thinking nothing in particular.
  8. .…I think you’ll be fine with part-time at the internet cafe.
  9. Welcome, Jumin!
  10. Couldn’t you ask a bit more subtly…?
  11. Could you give him a realistic advice…?
  12. Jumin, a single card you give can save a single life here.
  13. I’m a genius. My IQ’s like…299?
  14. It’s a group of people who don’t believe in IQ.
  15. I wanna be an intern too lol
  16. yep I think I get what you mean
  17. The smiley face of horror
  18. So you guys have a complicated relationship.
  19. But Bill Gates is a drop out lol
  20. Good idea!
  21. Sound like an indirect way of self-promotion
  22.  That’s why wanna find out what he’s hiding.…seriously.
  23. This is your chance for purchase!
  24. What?
  25. It’s all thanks to the games.
  26. You really care a lot for V.
  27. Good luck on your work, Jumin!


  • Jumin Han: Tandelion, the dating simulation game! Lol

17:36 An Afternoon of Anxiety

  1. Is there something wrong with you, V?
  2. Where are you right now?
  3. Welcome, Seven!!
  4. Is this that surprise?
  5. Oh…just remembered what close friend of mine told me. Don’t mind me.
  6. Just where are you, V? Why would your phone be dead?
  7. Could you send it to me too?
  8. What about your identity, Seven? Tell me!
  9. I don’t think you’d be able to find this person, Seven.
  10. Him?
  11. I think you’ve only got what you deserve for your past.
  12. It’s fun to watch him like that.
  13. What are you going to talk about? Tell me!
  14. Alright. Please take care of Seven.


  • Come on in.
  • I saw it! It’s fun to see AI 707 flustered.
  • They feel like actual people responding to a grave incident. They feel so realistic. What did you send them?
  • Yes, it was a surprise. But that’s why I like it.
  • Okay.

18:42 Mask Made of Glass

  1. I think this secret between V and Seven is serious…
  2. Can you share what you know about Luciel’s past?
  3. Are you feeling better?
  4. Feeling ok now?
  5. Don’t pretend you’r eok. It’s heartbreaking…
  6. V told to say all this, right?
  7. I’m dying to know what your past is like.. Are you going to tell me if we become close friends?
  8. You act like you have a bug or something
  9. oh no looks like a bug…! I should tell him.
  10. C Language…?
  11. If inviting this language can help you calm down…then let’s do it!!
  12. Cotton candy?
  13. Haagen-Dash 31
  14. Have good one and refresh your mind!
  15. Well…I don’t care. He’s not the one I pursue.
  16. I guess time is the answer.
  17. Do you report every single thing to him?


  • Jaehee Kang: Jaehee… You’re kind.

20:10 Zen’s Worrisome Looks

  1. Welcome, Zen the Beautiful.
  2. I hope he’ll cheer up…
  3. I recommend SEVENSTAR DRINK.
  4. I can fall asleep in 3 seconds lol
  5. hey
  6. Let’s just focus on holding the party!
  7. Yeah, that’s right. You need to take care of yourself.
  8. Only basics.
  9. What kind of mask was it?
  10. I think you’d better take Zen’s advice when it comes to skincare –
  11. Hindow10 update T-T It’s so annoying
  12. Let’s invite him! I wanna get some masks too!
  13. I’m all ears.
  14. You’re off to play…
  15. Zen you should concentrate on your audition tomorrow…
  16. I can knock you out and lock you up in a room. ^^
  17. I remember what Jumin said… that you need to be calm for things to work out well.
  18. See you – good night!
  19. The chat room’s dazzling! Thank you!
  20. I’m afraid gods will be angry T-T
  21. He’s a secret maker. Just leave him be.

21:53 Nice

  1. You wanted to see me?
  2. Why would you ask that all of a sudden?
  3. I should try harder.
  4. But this is really nothing but events inside a pho…uh, nothing.
  5. I think the two of you are playing secrets and ditching the rest.
  6. You sound like something dangerous will befall on me.
  7. Do I really look innocent?
  8. Your concern is pointless.
  9. When is it?
  10. Will I manage to make all the preparations until the deadline?
  11. Off to a secret service?

22:49 What I Want to Say

  1. Am I going to make the contract now!
  2. I decided to stay here with you.
  3. Whose face is it?
  4. Me too… I like you too, Ray.
  5. I won’t betray you. I promise.
  6. Yes, please trust me.
  7. Of course. I’m so touched, Ray…
  8. I’ll be waiting.


  • If this is a dream, we can stay in it forever!
  • Okay, Ray.
  • What was that?
  • Yes, I will.
  • Ray, is it painful if you take that elixir?
  • So am I now part of the Mint Eye?
  • You have to tell me next time, okay?
  • Saeran…?
  • Ray, are you alright?
  • After your ‘brother’?’ What does he mean…?
  • V, you should leave Ray alone for now.

5th day

00:21 Building of Dreams

  1. I can’t go to sleep. There’s something bothering me….
  2. But why are you still awake?
  3. What could be this important event?
  4. How about religion- related business?
  5. Don’t you think this is perhaps your father’s method to train you in business?
  6. I wish…I could give those oysters to this certain someone…I’m worried if he’s eating at all these days T_T
  7. Phew, I’m glad it did!
  8. How about doing group charity work for those in need? I think I’ve seen a lot of people in need lately…
  9. A giant cat tower building?
  10. Wow, it’s so pretty..!!
  11. So a good motivation should derive from the heart, right?
  12. I don’t think you have to worry about me.
  13. No, nothing.
  14. You mean your peace-and-nature-loving future?
  15. We must prevent any aerial misfortunes.
  16. Jumin, when do you plan to get to bed?
  17. You’re not going to put up a fight against the hacker, are you?
  18. And I think…it’s rather cruel to make him chase after the hacker.
  19. …I think we should keep Seven away from either of the tasks.
  20. Even if C&R steps in, there’ll never find out who it is. It’s like you don’t want them to find out
  21. ….You’re trying to keep our secret, not lighten his load.
  22. Talk to me if you’re interested in religions business. I have a good idea….
  23. Are you sure you’re actually doing your job as a guardian?
  24. Is this related to the hacker?
  25. ….
  26. I ended up here by pure coincidence… but I hope everyone would be happy.
  27. I think I understand him… I can’t imagine what he’s going through.
  28. I don’t know if you can define it as familial… Seems to me he’s making Luciel work for him.
  29. I don’t think I can sleep. I have a lot on my mind… Good night.


  • Jumin Han: I think about someone precious to me!
  • V: Is that also for Ray’s sake?
  • Ray: I’m fine. What about you?

02:44 Poem of Dawn

  1. There’s something that pains my heart….
  2. No….
  3. Because he told you not to chase the hacker?
  4. Can’t wait to hear it!
  5. ON – and ON – and ON – and ON –
  6. Don’t be sad… I’m sure he has a good reason why.
  7. I don’t know… I can’t tell you why, but I don’t think you should chase that hacker…
  8. I wish V would tell you everything… It feels like things just can’t be more complicated.
  9. Hmm…I don’t think you should trust him too much.
  10. …Why is my heart breaking at this situation?
  11. I wish she could write this complicated situation into poems… Sure, let’s invite her….
  12. …Still, you won’t be able to defeat his hacker.
  13. Goodbye, my cheerful breeze….


  • Ray: Isn’t there anything I can help you with?
  • Yoosung★: Mmm, Cornzip….

06:03 Regrets

  1. I was so worried you disappeared in such a hurry… Are you alright now?
  2. I’m not disappointed… My heart is starting to break for you.
  3. No, please don’t blame yourself. This is not your fault at all.
  4. You’re already doing more than enough to protect me.
  5. No one is an airhead from birth. Please don’t say that, Ray…
  6. Please don’t blame yourself like that… My heart is aching as well.


  • 707: What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with him?

09:12 Crisp Crisp

  1. Hey Yoosung
  2. I think he’s having a hard time because he’s not sure if he’s really good.
  3. It’s a sign that you’re about to become a procrastinator.
  4. You’re cute ^^
  5. Oh dear T_T
  6. Welcome Zen!
  7. I have this someone I’d like to buy chips to…
  8. You’re right!
  9. Whatever it is you fry, it’s bad for you after fried.
  10. You’re already sweet enough!
  11. Good for you. I’m glad you’re positive ^^
  12. Oh dear… Looks like she touched on something she shouldn’t.
  13. You can take a break for a while and then deal with the problem!
  14. Your mother is a human being too.
  15. But family is special.
  16. Your mother is no saint. Try to think like an adult and treat and understand her as an adult.
  17. There’s more than a single type of a family. I think what’s important is not to lose myself.
  18. Go to your class.
  19. We can all have our own ways with life – !
  20. Yoosung, calm down –
  21. I hope you feel better next time we talk…
  22. He’s having a hard time. Let’s try to be understanding.
  23. Once you’re an adult, I don’t think you need to obey every word and syllable your parents tell you.
  24. It’ll get better someday. For now, lets’ focus on your audition!
  25. I’ll be praying too. See you soon!


  • Yoosung★: I think you really need to grow up.

12:21 Unforeseeable Life

  1. Have you had your lunch?
  2. I’m skipping.
  3. You deserve a good rest!
  4. So doesn’t that mean you have some time for yourself now?
  5. I truly hope you can, Jaehee…!!
  6. Here’s your boss.
  7. Hurray!
  8. That’s why you should always be ready to work. And update your resume.
  9. Cats!!
  10. I’m a little sad we must antagonize the hacker….
  11. Security is important…but don’t you think finding out the secret within the RFA is more important?
  12. I think you should be prudent.
  13. Wow! Will it be the most advanced team?
  14. I’m worried this fight seems to grow bigger….
  15. Do you need a special password for security reasons?
  16. Do you really have to make one…?
  17. I’m not sure…
  18. Wow! You’re a genius!!
  19. So this is how fast things can progress.
  20. You’re so generous.
  21. We might be able to make up with the hacker soon. Cheer up.
  22. I hope all this hard work would lead us all to peace….
  23. I think there’s something we don’t know about this…as well as misunderstandings.
  24. Good luck…


  • Zen: Did your beauty evolve to a whole new level?

14:37 What’s Wrong?

  1. We’re going to have an intelligence unit. What do you think about that?
  2. It’s the only way for him to stay.
  3. I’m fine.
  4. I wish we could find a way to settle this peacefully with the hacker.
  5. Save is good…! DB is more than welcome!
  6. Welcome… Zen ^^
  7. Wanna try manicures?
  8. How did your audition turn out?
  9. Whoa….
  10. You write reports on him or something?
  11. Dying-to-brag-about-something’ mood!
  12. Wow – ! You got the role? Congrats!
  13. The main character?!?!?! We should throw a party – !
  14. Yep you’re right.
  15. You should always prepare for the future.
  16. It’s true there are a lot of masterpieces that feature characters with dual personality!
  17. Zen! I know you can do it.
  18. I think that’s why happiness lies in our hearts, waiting to be discovered.
  19. So how’s it going? ^^
  20. I wish I could perform my duties in peace…
  21. The hacker is good… But maybe it’s because he’s similar to you…
  22. Is this woman your caretaker?
  23. You should take a walk if you need a refresher.
  24. I hope this finished peacefully….
  25. Zen, are you good with computers?
  26. Congrats once again on getting the role!
  27. Take the energy of victory and rock the practice room!


  • Zen: Let’s raid the practice room as soon as the script’s there!
  • 707: I’m analyzing you too!

16:13 Is It True!?

  1. Isn’t it awesome or what? I’m so thrilled…!
  2. I hope you can make your dream come true!
  3. I can’t wait to see him taking the stage!
  4. Click…?
  5. Wait, is this guy’s brother famous in the game of Go?
  6. Okay! Let’s send an invitation. I’d like to learn a thing of two about ticketing.
  7. That’s neat trick….
  8. I hope you keep up the good work!


  • Jaehee Hang: The seat reservation must be a blast.

17:45 Seven, Finally?

  1. Hey Yoosung…
  2. …What the?
  3. Those drinks are eligible for sales, aren’t they?
  4. Congrats on the sale!
  5. Are you sure you got permission to sell those drinks?
  6. Wow! That’s a jackpot!
  7. I’m ready to press buy.
  8. Don’t tempt us….
  9. Dun dun dun…!
  10. Sports?
  11. LOL
  12. You are kind of cute lol
  13. Wow! Could you make a waving doll too? I’m going to put it in front of my house.
  14. .
  15. I guess…Life is but a tsunami of serendipity –
  16. I should find a new hobby.
  17. Why don’t you try part – time jobs?
  18. Wow! I’ll be there to cheer you!
  19. But still…life isn’t there for us only to work nonstop and prove ourselves, is it…?
  20. I wish I could live without worrying about anything…
  21. But I want to live a positive life, for my dream.
  22. But don’t lose hope.
  23. I can feel your anguish, GOD7…
  24. Have a good one.
  25. Don’t push yourself too hard. You can’t even work if you pressure yourself too much!
  26. Why don’t you try looking for something you really like?
  27. You’ll soon see your dream blooming after recovery.
  28. Run along… Cheer up.


  • Ray: What about you? Did you eat?

19:23 Small Coincidence

  1. You must still be busy. Are you having your meals property?
  2. That’s alright. I wanted to talk to you ^^
  3. You don’t have to worry that I might leave… I’m not going anywhere without you.
  4. I want you to let me stay with you unconditionally.
  5. Don’t worry about me… Are you alright?
  6. That’s not true. Please don’t say that…
  7. I think what matters is what you think about yourself.
  8. But it looked like V wanted all of us to get together in peace…
  9. But do you have to push yourself so much? I think the Mint Eye is forcing you to do something too demanding….
  10. What is it?
  11. You took a risk to protect me… Thank you…
  12. I don’t think you need it, either. Please don’t drink it if it hurts you…
  13. Okay.
  14. You don’t have to worry about me…
  15. I won’t leave you. So I hope your heart will find peace…
  16. I don’t want you suffering because of me…
  17. I’m fine. But I miss you so much…
  18. That’s alright. But you have to come back and chat with me again…!

21:13 Importance of Patience

  1. How’s the unit going?
  2. I wonder how useful it would be.
  3. There will be peace in the end.
  4. Do you stitching, Jumin?
  5. Patience is the key…
  6. You might get carsick…
  7. I look forward to you works!
  8. I agree. It’s no good to work hard.
  9. Haha, you sure know a lot!
  10. Why don’t we invite Pillow Love?
  11. Why don’t you try famous paintings? Creation of Adam, for example…
  12. I don’t think you’d get to use your account a lot.
  13. Sayonara…


  • Jumin Han: Maybe it’s Seven.

23:09 Congratulated Workaholic

  1. Come on lol I think Jumin can do anything.
  2. His hobby is his to choose –
  3. I think Yoosung would be really neat.
  4. Really? Nothing?
  5. I think it’s a jackpot when you get to do your hobby while working.
  6. I think you should make a plan and practice accordingly.
  7. I think you can do as much as your analysis can work.
  8. I hope you’d do your best, but I hope you don’t push yourself too hard.
  9. Why not ask Jaehee for help?
  10. Yoosung would get to grow after experiencing lots of things.
  11. True… Nothing can beat the time.
  12. I think the definition of right and wrong changes as the world changes. So vengeance has no meaning.
  13. Nobody is born evil, though there might be people who don’t realize that…
  14. I’m sure you can do well.
  15. Sure. Thanks.

6th day

00:55 Swamp of Emptiness

  1. I’ve been waiting!
  2. Don’t you think that’s the beauty of being an actor? You get to be someone you’re not….
  3. Shouldn’t you take a break? It’s also important you stay in good shape.
  4. I think it’s okay as long as you do your best.
  5. LOLOL!
  6. Oh, shoot…. I know what that feels like.
  7. Why don’t you help him, Yoosung?
  8. Why don’t we think about happy things?
  9. Just let it go – let it flow –
  10. Yoosung T_T You sound too hopeless…
  11. It’s so heartbreaking to see someone like you so lifeless T_T
  12. Oh, so this is the infamous….
  13. The symptoms of puberty lol
  14. What did you stitch?
  15. Awwww, is that so…?
  16. So…is that darkness of yours…still there in your heart?
  17. Boom and bam and wham!!!!!!
  18. What about new LOLOL costume?
  19. Cheer up…!
  20. You’re teasing him, aren’t you? Lolol
  21. I can help….
  22. Enjoy –
  23. If you think you need to work on being ‘emo’ with symptoms of puberty, you’d definitely need him….lolol
  24. Got it, Zen. Good luck!


  • Who is it?
  • Where is Ray…?

03:17 If I was stronger

  1. I thought you might be still awake…!
  2. I think she basically welcomed me. And it looked like she’s worried about you too.
  3. I’m happy…that I was welcomed and introduced to an interesting mission thanks to you.
  4. I don’t think you have to deny such a natural feeling…
  5. Of course.
  6. You’re protecting me, aren’t you? Thank you….
  7. I think you’re good enough. But I think your environment is suffocating you.
  8. I wish I could stay longer with you too…
  9. You might have a hard time right now, but things will get better soon. I hope you’d consider that I’m there with you.
  10. Please, stay with me just a little more…
  11. Yes, I’m sure we will be happy!
  12. I hope you get some rest too…


  • Yoosung★: lololololol

07:40 Busy on a fine day

  1. How are you feeling today?
  2. Situation?
  3. It’s not related…to the hacker, is it?
  4. That’s really good.
  5. A politician…?
  6. Something’s a bit suspicious here….
  7. So getting to know a lot of influential people is important.
  8. Don’t you think a partnership between a businessman and a politician is not always recommended?
  9. Wait, is his last name Choi?
  10. I wonder if V can manage to grasp this opportunity…
  11. Something’s not quite right about this… Shouldn’t we find out what the prime minister’s thinking?
  12. I think things are progressing way too fast here….
  13. But he’s too high in the authorities. I’m getting nervous….
  14. But this is all so sudden. I think we should be a bit prudent about this.
  15. Don’t you need Yoosung to help you with your practice?
  16. Good luck – !
  17. I think you should take your time and progress step by step.
  18. I thought V hasn’t been working on his photography for a while now.
  19. …Is everything okay?
  20. I’m fine. Though I am worried about this particular person…
  21. V…what do you think?
  22. You look like you’re not really happy with this…
  23. Take a breath and good lunch on your meeting!
  24. Yes…?
  25. I will.


  • V: No, not really.
  • ZEN: …You want me to keep a secret? For free? ^^

10:23 Stabilization of Body & Soul

  1. Jumin – ! You’re seeing the prime minister today, aren’t you?
  2. So you started your quest. May you trail lead you to a grand finale!
  3. I think that’s a really healthy hobby. ^^
  4. This is tricky. I think there’s no right answer for this.
  5. Hobby and break are two different things.
  6. I salute you, o wielder of life oh-so-empty…
  7. But it was cute lolol
  8. But this is too sudden. Don’t you find that strange?
  9. You must be nervous!
  10. Then what are you other hobbies?
  11. It’s a break and a hobby! I think they’re both meaningful!
  12. I wish I could share my hobbies with….
  13. Don’t ask me something like that.
  14. I’m all ears, Yoosung –
  15. I think background doesn’t really matter. You need to actually motivate yourself to enjoy your hobby.
  16. Honestly…I think such anxiety takes happiness even further away from us.
  17. I’m curious about him. Why don’t we invite him to the party and hear more from him?
  18. I think hobbies are something out of our league. We should just balance our work and break.
  19. That is important!
  20. So I’d get to understand myself better through my hobbies.
  21. Though it looks like she’s basically buried in her work these days….
  22. As an adult, I think it is necessary to establish personal philosophies.
  23. Jumin, you actually know what ‘fangirling’ means?
  24. lololololololol
  25. Nice talking to you –
  26. Do share with me what the meeting was like-
  27. Why don’t you try several things at your freedom?
  28. You should first find your heart some peace. Everything’s going to be alright.
  29. It’s lunchtime. I’m ready for my lunch!


  • Jumin Han: I prefer ‘Dark Love’.
  • Yoosung★: How about reading poetry that reflects your sentiments?

13:10 Evaluation

  1. I’m skipping today –
  2. This is the first day of work for everyone, isn’t it?
  3. Our goal is ‘peace!’ Let’s keep that in mind!
  4. I kind of have a bad feeling….
  5. How did your meeting go?
  6. Did something happen?
  7. I see… I’m sure V had a good reason.
  8. V has lots of complicated secrets to bear… I’d like to think he made a right choice.
  9. Was the prime minister understanding?
  10. I think what matters more to V is his mental health… He must have a lot of things burdening his mind….
  11. I’d like to think he had his reasons. Human mind isn’t simple, you know?
  12. I wish he’d tell us exactly why he declined.
  13. Did you have a feeling that V’s hiding something?
  14. I hope he’s a good person…. But why do I have this bad feeling?
  15. I wonder what he liked about V’s photos.
  16. He is good-looking. But…he looks kind of similar to someone.
  17. I don’t know. I’ll side with the majority.
  18. I don’t think giant corporations will always assume the bad role in the economy, as long as there are good regulations….
  19. I think it’s okay as long as we respect each other’s opinions. I mean, we live in a democratic country.
  20. Isn’t political knowledge a must for a businessman?
  21. It was nice talking to you!
  22. I wish we could all be together, regardless of the political preference!
  23. Who is it?
  24. Good idea. I’d like to learn couple things from him too.
  25. I enjoyed it too. Good luck on the rest of your duties…


  • Jahee Kang: I take a 30-minute walk every day!

14:50 Always New

  1. Zen – are you there – ?
  2. I understand ^^
  3. But looks like at least you brought the correct textbook!
  4. Everyone goes through a period of being lost.
  5. Then you can just stop thinking.
  6. You’re adorable lolol
  7. But doesn’t that prime minister kind of resemble someone?
  8. I wonder why V didn’t want to sell his photos…
  9. V is feeling complicated. Let’s try to understand that.
  10. I think you lost your concentration here.
  11. Taking a break matters. It matters to everyone.
  12. Why don’t you take a break and try again?
  13. Any response from the hacker?
  14. What’s the matter? Is it related to the prime minister?
  15. Is there something that unnerves you…?
  16. I will…!
  17. This isn’t related to the hacker, is it…?
  18. Yoosung, why don’t you go help him? I’m serious.
  19. That’s right. What you need right now is darkness!
  20. Yoosung, now’s your chance to ask him for whatever you want!
  21. Bye…
  22. I think you need a break. Why not go for a walk?
  23. I know you can do it! I know you can beat this!
  24. Ok. No worrying about your job while you’re running!


  • Ray: I miss you, too.

16:37 Daffodil

  1. Hi….
  2. Are you sure he wanted to see you just because of your pictures?
  3. I don’t understand what you mean. Could you explain to me more clearly?
  4. Jumin…. Have you detected anything strange between V and the prime minister?
  5. I’d like to know…what was on your mind.
  6. I’m worried that things will get too complicated.
  7. Why don’t you tell everything and ask for help?
  8. …It looks kind of dark.
  9. But there is a way for such flower to survive, isn’t there? Right?
  10. Still, you can’t give up the daffodil. You gotta make it look towards the sun.
  11. Why don’t you take out the rest of the flowers and raise only the daffodil, if you like it that much…?
  12. I…kind of feel bad for the daffodil.
  13. Yes. Sacrifice is noble, but it cannot be the remedy for everything.
  14. Life would be so easier if answers are actually written.
  15. That’s what friends are for. You can count on your friends.
  16. Could it be…..?
  17. Explain to me later on.
  18. I think this one won’t be easy.
  19. …I think I’ve seen daffodils here.
  20. …Don’t you think there’s a reason why V can’t accept the truth?
  21. I’m going to have dinner.


  • V: So what did you tell her?

18:52 Evil Within Me

  1. It must have been a mixture of guilt and longing for Rika…
  2. We should consider our audience’s state even when discussing truth, shouldn’t we…?
  3. A true friend should tell the truth without hesitation. Don’t you think that’s what friendship is?
  4. I’m sorry. It seems your slump is lasting longer than I thought….
  5. Don’t let that get to you, and have faith in yourself!
  6. A solution from pain leads to another pain.
  7. Good evening –
  8. What kind of wine are you drinking?
  9. I’ll say. I thought it’s easy.
  10. You shouldn’t do that to your family.
  11. I think this role will be a major challenge for you T_T
  12. I wonder what your Zekyll would look like, Jumin.
  13. I just pictured him smiling… And is it just me, or is it kind of chilly here?
  14. Nope he’s not.
  15. lolololol
  16. Is it your chief bodyguard?
  17. I knew it. You’re so smart, Jumin.
  18. Then tell him to send me an email! I’ll ask him.
  19. That’s right. You should keep that in mind, Zen.
  20. He didn’t call you yet?
  21. So long.
  22. You sure are interested in Jumin a lot.
  23. Really? That’s great! That’ll help you to practice.
  24. Good luck!

20:49 Suddenly Afraid

  1. Yes, Ray… Are you alright?
  2. Is there something wrong?
  3. I also felt excited ever since I met you.
  4. I want to make you happy too..! So let’s cheer up, ok…?
  5. I like you just the way you are…. Please don’t think like that.
  6. Please stop blaming yourself, Ray…!
  7. I like you, Ray. I really do… Why won’t you trust me?
  8. Please don’t say that. You’re so precious to me….
  9. But I like you just the way you are…. I am sad.
  10. Ray, I wish you’d have more faith in yourself.
  11. But I think this place does no good to you, Ray.
  12. I think we should leave this place… Do you think we can do that?
  13. Let’s talk face to face… Could you do that for me?
  14. You’re leaving now…?

21:21 Need Dark Energy!

  1. I can see the stars… Phew… It’s raining emotions….
  2. Welcome, Zen!
  3. A dejàvu!
  4. There’s barely a difference between love and hate.
  5. You should help Zen if you’ve got time.
  7. LOLOLOL I hope you two can work together, Zen, Yoosung.
  8. What brand is it?
  9. Come on, we have to help each other.
  10. Oh!! Tell me!!
  11. …Yoosung, don’t go over.
  12. Yes that’s the way….
  13. Will we be able to see the masterpiece of the age…?
  14. Photos! Photos!! Photos!!!
  15. Let’s first hear it!
  16. Don’t you think Zen can help you with that?
  17. Zen, I thought you’re a math genius.
  18. Jumin?
  19. Oh really..? He sounds pretty good.
  20. Oh! That’s good!
  21. Sure. I think I want to ask him something about math.
  22. He sounds trustworthy..!
  23. But insurances are really about business.
  24. Is it because he’s too nice?
  25. I’m glad both of your problems seem s very close to solution ^^.
  26. Good luck!
  27. Mission accomplished!!!
  28. I wish you the best – !


  • Who is it?
  • Come in, Ray!
  • Thank you, Ray.
  • Ray?
  • Where are you going!?

23:19 At the top of the work pile

  1. You must’ve been busy. Good job!
  2. If that’s the case, then you deserve to rest.
  3. …Seven and the hacker must be still awake. Which is sad…
  4. The character is a challenge. I hope he can do it.
  5. How’s the hacker doing?
  6. My heart is breaking…that both you and the hacker have to fight.
  7. Where could he be…? I’m concerned.
  8. I hope V would give me a chance to tell the truth…
  9. If that drink is safe… I’d like to get one for this certain someone.
  10. Seven… this isn’t something dangerous, is it? You’re okay, aren’t you?
  11. Yes you should spend your money on something you like.
  12. Seven…why don’t you save some money for your family?
  13. Does your job…threaten your life or status?
  14. …I hope it’s not real. One person in danger is enough…
  15. …But having a suspicious job isn’t a good thing. I think you shouldn’t let others know.
  16. I don’t know about hacking very well…but I know that it’s really demanding job.
  18. Rest well, Jaehee ^^
  19. Seven…
  20. I think something’s wrong with this hacker…I didn’t hear anything from him. Do you know anything about this?
  21. …He’s such a kind person. Though he’s suffering from misfortunes right now…
  22. I’m sure one day it’ll all work out well, like in movies.
  23. The prime minister?
  24. I’d like to think right now we’re waiting for the storm to pass by.
  25. Yes… I will
  26. If the hacker’s back, can you tell me?


  • (Go outside.)
  • Have you seen Ray?
  • (Stay just a bit longer)
  • Ray!
  • That’s not true, Ray! Stay with me for a bit.
  • That’s right. I don’t despise you.
  • You’re free to follow what our mind and heart desire.
  • Stop tormenting yourself, Ray. Look at me.

7th day

00:58 To become the child of darkness

  1. Go to bed. It’s not good if you stay awake late… T_T
  2. Zen, you’re practicing!
  3. Yoosung, get a grip! And try again!!
  4. Get a hold of yourself, Yoosung!
  5. ???
  6. Yoosung….I’m sure this is your chance to grow.
  7. Oh, are we getting started here?
  8. What about White?
  9. I think this hacker’s more good-looking.
  10. But lame man is my style!
  11. But that’s not the case with Jumin…
  12. Zen, you do realize we’re living in the 21st century, don’t you?
  13. Sure. Let’s discuss the latest technology with him!
  14. Why don’t you try thinking about Jumin?
  15. Zen, try barking for me.
  16. Great idea lolol
  17. First, you gotta look like him.
  18. I think it’s going to work!
  19. Your darkness within beckons you….
  20. I’ll be waiting…!!!
  21. It’s an advanced body art that draws out dark aura through your spines.
  22. Aren’t you excited? Lolol
  23. Good luck!


  • Yoosung★: Show him what you´re really made of, Yoosung!

03:01 At This Night

  1. It’s late. You didn’t log off?
  2. Don’t worry. You’re not going to have another boss lololol
  3. For now, let’s trust him!
  4. When is your holiday?
  5. It sounds like your office hour is 24/7.… Poor you.
  6. Anything new about the hacker?
  7. I’m going to stay awake just a bit more. I don’t think I can sleep well tonight….


  • Jaehee Kang: I’m sure you got your position because you can do it!

06:17 Mr. Kim

  1. Did you eat something funny?
  2. It suits him lololol
  3. Mr. Kim!
  4. You should take a break from time to time –
  5. Zen, show me what you can do! You’re a pro!
  6. That’s great enlightenment!
  7. You should take at least 50000 won.
  8. You should stay with him till the end if you’re there to help him – !
  9. Yes, sir.
  10. It’s great that you’re enjoying your work…! I really hope that’s the case here as well….
  11. Ok…
  12. Good luck to everyone!


  • V: He’ll be fine. I think…

08:43 Continuously Thinking

  1. Ray, did you have a good morning?
  2. About what happened back then….
  3. That’s adorable!
  4. Remember that we kissed the other day?
  5. Of course I don’t hate you! I really like you!
  6. Who told you that?
  7. I miss you. Are you busy?
  8. First let’s try to spend more time together.
  9. Are you feeling alright?
  10. Please stay positive, even if you’re having a hard time!


  • Ray: Picnic sounds nice. But still, don’t push yourself too hard.
  • Jumin Han: So you have no problem with him imitating you?

12:03 Cooperation

  1. …What about you?
  2. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
  3. Are you two on a date…?
  4. Any news from the hacker…?
  5. Don’t you mean that the equipment is cool?
  6. I wonder if it’ll be good enough….
  7. Because the hacker is so good…?
  8. That would mean more work for the hacker….
  9. Ok! I’d like to meet this knight of the light.
  10. Welcome, Mr. Kim!
  11. «It’s time to awaken your dark force!»
  12. Don’t tell me… Did you collect 1500 won?
  13. Is it time for the game event…?
  14. What about Zen…?
  15. Great! You’re trying various methods!
  16. That’s a good idea.
  17. Wow.
  18. Have fun!
  19. He’s pretty smart.
  20. Let’s invite her for the love of the world! Love the world!
  21. Enjoy your lunch, both of you.
  22. Enjoy your lunch –
  23. Ok with what?
  24. I’m fine… Sorry, I can’t tell you much.
  25. Thanks for your concern.

14:44 Art of Efficiency

  1. Did you see how Yoosung imitated you?
  2. Zen, is your sanity ok?
  3. Relax ^^ I think he’s trying to tick you off on purpose.
  4. Do you think things would’ve turned out differently with definite strategy?
  5. Oooh, please give me your know-how, Mr. Han!
  6. Wow….you’ve come this far already?
  7. Zen’s an actor. I think there’s a limit to the help he can get.
  8. Who is the genius that calculated how much thread you’ll need for your stitching?
  9. Now I’m starting to wonder why you won’t leave stitching part to someone else….
  10. Wow! Why don’t we invite that person to the party?
  11. So your hobby is overall planning and stitching.
  12.  I do! The fundamental problem of your unsuccessful repetition of practice is none other than…..
  13. I knew we’d need money from the very beginning.
  14. So what matter is the courage to actually do it!
  15. Can you invest in someone smart?
  16. But you can’t by people’s hearts with money! What matters is acting is heart –
  17. Let’s not fight.
  18. The balance of the world sill stay only when you two look at the world in different views!
  19. That’s right! That could be what gives birth to your artistic performance! You should carry on with your way!
  20. Calm down, Zen – !
  21. ….You should try performing White in your current state!
  22. I think now Zen is all good to go.
  23. Sometimes…
  24. I look forward to the completion.


  • Zen: Zen, I think I see a White behind your phone…
  • Jumin Han: I think you put a lot of meaning in nothing.

16:27 Power Save Mode Today

  1. Welcome.
  2. You don’t think there’s something wrong with the hacker, do you?
  3. That’s not true! That can’t happen…!
  4. That cant’ be it…. I’m sure he’s safe.
  5. Seven, let’s talk more about the hacker. Have you picked up anything else?
  6. I think Jumin helped him enough….
  7. That was a pretty scary joke….
  8. I can’t stop worrying about the hacker….
  9. Seven, could you find out what happened to the hacker, whether something’s wrong with him…?
  10. …I hope you’d save the hacker if he surrenders.
  11. Maybe it was all misunderstanding that the hacker attacked us. We must find out what the truth is.
  12. …..He’s innocent. And good. I’ll leave it at that.
  13. I know. You have a good reason to suspect me. I’m trying to find peace in the middle…but it’s not easy.
  14. I’d hate to make trouble for V.
  15. …I think V’s good person. I think I can trust him.
  16. …And you’ve spent years with V.
  17. I wonder what this hacker is doing right now….
  18. Go back before it’s too dark.
  19. I know….
  20. …I hope that never happens.
  21. I will…! Good luck!
  22. I will. Thank you.


  • Yoosung★: How was Zen’s White?

18:31 The Roots of Pathetic

  1. Jaehee, have you heard anything about the hacker?
  2. By results, do you also mean getting the hacker in your hands?
  3. Welcome, Jumin. Are you done with your stitching?
  4. What did you think of?
  5. Exactly how would you apply your realization to business?
  6. I want to know what it is.
  7. But I don’t think you look bad the way you do now.
  8. What about insecurity…?
  9. Maybe they feel insecure because they feel inferior to others. You know, they might be worried they’re not as good as others….
  10. So you were basically running a business of yourself since childhood.
  11. Nothing is truly wrong in this world… You actually understood that?
  12. I think accepting even my imperfections is something really big.
  13. So that’s why people are tormented by their own inferiority and insecurity.
  14. That’s because almost no one ever criticized you. You live an easy life full of respect.
  15. I don’t think he flatters himself.
  16. Then again, there’s really no need for him to confirm whether he’s good-looking or not….
  17. Perhaps a sense of insecurity is no different from a struggle to hide one’s trauma.
  18. You’re right. Even if someone feels insecure, that sense of insecurity can actually drive a person to work much harder.
  19. I think it’d be so good if I don’t have to be best in my workplace.
  20. I think that depends on your definition of accomplished… But whatever it is, the fact remains that no one is perfect, right?
  21. But maybe this world runs energetically because people want to win recognition.
  22. So does this end with more work for you, Jaehee?
  23.  It was complicated, but thanks anyways.
  24. I think he wants to make a team that does not drive people into competition but acknowledges each person as they are.
  25. Do you think a world like that would ever progress?
  26. Please tell me if you pick up anything new about the hacker. Please.


  • Who is it?
  • Yes, it’s mine.
  • Wait a minute! Have you seen Ray?

20:06 Window of Truth

  1. There’s nothing wrong with him, is there?
  2. So are you coming over here?
  3. Everything’s quiet here. But…I’m worried about the hacker….
  4. Why would you find only troubles around you?
  5. I’m sure it’s not entirely your fault.
  6. Perhaps we need his advice right now.
  7. I know you’re worried about me but… I think it’s best to admit what you can’t do and ask for help.
  8. You should gaze at yourself, V.
  9. Maybe you should give a call to Jumin.
  10. Something’s fishy about him…. Maybe he’s hiding something.
  11. Nobody is perfect…. I think you need some time for yourself.
  12. Good luck….
  13. Good luck…

21:43 My True Identity Is

  1. What’s wrong, Yoosung?
  2. But I think you’re cute lol
  3. Is that you, Prince Seven…?
  4. Why do you have no status?
  5. An android…?
  6. You sound really serious.
  7. Why do you think they’re running special inspection all of a sudden?
  8. I don’t think you need to worry about that.
  9. What’s the matter? Is there something you’re hiding? Like a secret brother?
  10. All of a sudden…?
  11. …There’s no need for him to be concerned that much…
  12. No.
  13. I’m concerned as well. I couldn’t see him all day long….
  14. …Nothing.
  15. But I’m suspicious about the prime minister’s purpose…
  16. Run along now.

23:59 Strange

  1. That look long…
  2. Tremendously interested?
  3. Something’s not right about this… We only had 2 parties so far.
  4. I know you’re hiding something. Can’t you slip it to me at least?
  5. Is he back?
  6. Completely different person? Are you sure?
  7. ….The hacker is behaving like someone else…?
  8. V…you’re coming, aren’t you? I have a bad feeling about this.
  9. I’ll be waiting.


  • Who is it?
  • (Open the door)
  • Ray…! I missed you so much!
  • Ray…? This isn’t like you.
  • You have the same body and face as Ray… But you mean you’re not Ray?
  • This is not fair. Let go of me.

8th day

01:37 Rapid Contact

  1. I can’t sleep
  2. …Jaehee, I have something important to tell you.
  3. There’s something wrong with the chatroom.
  4. I’m scared…
  5. ….Then what will happen to me?
  6. ….Did you read what I’ve been writing so far?
  7. I want to go rest now… I’m tired….
  8. I don’t feel so good at heart….
  9. Wow…what’s it about?
  10. We should just play along. It’s important.
  11. I think it’s better not to miss anything that could raise our name value.
  12. I think it all depends on his luck…
  13. But you can’t possess an actor on the stage.
  14. I’m into games.
  15. I’m too scared to sleep alone…

03:46 What Should I Do With You?

  1. Yes…?
  2. I thought you’d be mad if I don’t….
  3. Please don’t play with me….
  4. Okay…
  5. Maybe….
  6. Why would you be mean with food…?
  7. I’ll be go to you!
  8. How can I make you happier?
  9. I’ll get used to it fast….
  10. I’m sorry…
  11. I’ll do anything you tell me… Please don’t throw me away.


  • Ray has become different… I was so alarmed.
  • No longer here…?
  • Can’t you save me…?


  • Zen: Why don’t you take it off for him…?

07:21 In My Opinion

  1. Is it because of the government commendation?
  2. Seven, you don’t have another you hidden within, do you…?
  3. It’d be near impossible to win….
  4. Now there’s stronger and smarter hacker. Because the one before him was no good.
  5. I’m scared….
  6. He is….not here.
  7. The party will be held, right…?
  8. Hello….
  9. Don’t you think it’s better to accept when an offer is made?
  10. Isn’t it a little suspicious that Seven is against it? I thought he liked anything that’s free.
  11. You didn’t want commendation because of your guilt.
  12. So you don’t deserve the commendation…
  13. I’m going to vote for you!
  14. I think he offered the commendation only because he is V’s fan.
  15. We will be holding period, right?
  16. Good idea!
  17. What files? Are they important? Can you send them to me too?
  18. Have a good one.
  19. You must be feeling awfully sorry.
  20. Are you stitching right now?
  21. Be careful not to prick your finger!


  • 707: Why do you think so?
  • Saeran: Did you have a nightmare?

09:03 FINALLY!

  1. Zen… Can you talk to me…? This is so hard….
  2. Now all you have to do is to go out there and show them what you’re made of!
  3. I don’t see anything noteworthy apart from your face.
  4. Hey…
  5. Sounds delicious….
  6. It feels so good to see someone else showing the evil I can’t….
  7. I think I prefer bad guys.
  8. I’m hungry…
  9. But he added love. You should eat it….
  10. I have a bad feeling about this.
  11. Let’s throw it away and make a new one.
  12. Did the luck really burn…?
  13. Precious is food….
  14. Make sure you’re on time.
  15. Hungry…
  16. Does it really make me lucky?
  17. Should I cut them into tiny slices?
  18. Yoosung, wanna marry me?
  19. Back there you were neglecting your stew while chatting, weren’t you?
  20. Yoosung, you’re adorable.
  21. Ok. I’ll enjoy it with my beloved.
  22. But I can’t even share it. I think I’m getting hungrier…

11:16 I Really Want to Know!

  1. Did the stew taste good?
  2. I think so…. You’ve done well.
  3. Are you just going to leave me here?
  4. I don’t think commendation is the issue right now….
  5. Why would you want to make sure?
  6. Are you that timid?
  7. Is that the one….?
  8. Depending on the situation.
  9. Alright. Run along.
  10. Can you call the prosecution service to find me?
  11. Zen… I’m sure it’s nothing!
  12. Is this what the lucky stew brought upon you?
  13. This isn’t related to me, is it…?
  14. Didn’t you say V calling you?
  15. Yes, please do.


  • Saeran: I’m only doing my job.

13:58 Very Shocking

  1. This is so shocking.
  2. I’m the one who’s suffering the most…
  3. Are you sure RFA is still innocent?
  4. Or maybe Zen had a stalker.
  5. Long is the pathway of stitching…
  6. Do you think V will be willing to do that?
  7. You’re leaving already?
  8. If say it’s96.74999654%!
  9. Jumin, don’t you have to go now?
  10. Maybe things will turn out the way an authority wants to….
  11. Sure. You need to work anyways.
  12. I’ll try.

16:04 V’s Decision

  1. I’m nervous….
  2. You mean the hacker’s attacks that’s still going on?
  3. Have you now realized that you’re not good enough?
  4. No…. If you cancel the party, then I…
  5. It doesn’t sound completely rational.
  6. You mean we’re not going to hold the party?
  7. No… What if I’m thrown away?
  8. But then won’t that affect the guests in a bad way?
  9. Okay…
  10. For what?
  11. I don’t think I can trust you….
  12. I’m scared…. It feels like something will fall upon me.
  13. But more importantly, the party’s been canceled.
  14. Until when do I have to pay his secret game…?
  15. He must have a secret mission of his own….
  16. Doesn’t that mean the messenger will soon be in crisis because of the hacker?
  17. Bye.


  • I don’t deserve to make any thought.
  • I…think you’re amazing.
  • I don’t deserve to say no.
  • Yes….
  • Yes…
  • Yes.

18:31 Sorry. This is all my fault.

  1. Zen, how did it go?
  2. Since you’re talking about selfies, I’m guessing nothing big happened.
  3. What happened to the rehearsal?
  4. Maybe that’s one of the emergency features of the app. Everything going on in here is confidential, you know?
  5. Probably…..
  6. Seven, you must be busy.
  7. There won’t be a party. Looks like I’m not useful anymore.
  8. The party’s intention was never good on the first place…. It’s all V’s fault.
  9. Is this true?
  10. So what did you tell them?
  11. It’s too late. You need to tell us what’s going on.
  12. You sure have a lot of secrets.
  13. Are you running away…? Thought that is one option….
  14. Where are you going?
  15. Seven can manage himself. He’ll be fine…right?
  16. Even if you do, he won’t tell you what you want… As always.
  17. Will you come save me if I’m in trouble…?

20:48 Cornered

  1. Didn’t V say that he had a favor to ask you?
  2. Can’t we talk to V to change his mind?
  3. But we must have a party… Otherwise I’ll no longer useful.
  4. Do you think they also watching ‘me’?
  5. Tell me a secret. Anything is fine. Even if they won’t be a party, I must prove that I’m useful…
  6. What did he ask you?
  7. What is he up to now?
  8. It’s fairly common you see an innocent people framed after a single wrong move… I should know.
  9. V guaranteed my identification. You shouldn’t be suspicious of me.
  10. Even if I do something wrong and someone finds out…I’ll be thrown away before someone arrives.
  11. …If I tell you, I’ll get in trouble.
  12. I need to do as they tell me….
  13. Even if I do, I know they you’ll throw me out faster that they can save me.
  14. I’m sorry….
  15. Please don’t do that….
  16. Am I useless now?
  17. What are you going to do to me…?
  18. Please don’t throw me away…
  19. Okay… What do you want me to do?
  20. I’m scared….
  21. …I can only do what I’m told to, anyways.
  22. Okay…
  23. I’ll try.

22:14 My Treasure

  1. Role play.
  2. Hello…Ray.
  3. Saeran and I are doing well…
  4. I don’t remember them very well…I must have forgotten because I’m airhead.
  5. I think so….
  6. Now I know… That I’m nothing special…
  7. Bye…


  • Saeran: But I don’t have anywhere else to go!.

23:39 Survival of the Fittest

  1. Why won’t you come to see me?
  2. I never thought about that. I’m too stupid to reach that part.
  3. Do I deserve to see her…?
  4. Hello, my savior.
  5. My savior! Please love me…
  6. My savior…?
  7. I made a mistake… Please let me make up for it!
  8. It’s all my fault. I’m an airhead.
  9. So you did save Ray…!
  10. He must enjoy torturing me.
  11. So you’re saying…I’m useful, aren’t you?
  12. …Now I know that I’m weak.

9th day

01:29 Don’t you want to try this?

  1. I’m too hungry to sleep….
  2. I want it….
  3. Please don’t throw me away…
  4. I want to stay here as long as I can….
  5. …I think is the only place that will accept me.
  6. Then you’d be able to show how strong you are.
  7. Doesn’t matter… As long as someone recognizes that I’m useful.
  8. Now I don’t miss Ray anymore.


  • You’re not Ray
  • (Do as he says.)
  • Ray…!?
  • What’s wrong?
  • Ray, why did you leave me alone?
  • Don’t run away! Save me! I’m the one in pain!
  • This is too painful…
  • Then is Saeran the real you?

03:37 What have you done to me?

  1. Saeran…
  2. You’re right, Saeran….
  3. I think you’re right… Don’t let Ray beat you.
  4. You’re right. More than anyone else…
  5. Please don’t throw me away!


  • V: Please save me!

06:18 Self-inflicted

  1. I didn’t mean to bring back Ray! It’s not my fault!
  2. That’s what I did!
  3. Can’t you give me a chance?
  4. But without me, who would serve as the weak for Saeran…?
  5. Can’t you give me one last chance…?
  6. Wait….


  • …Who is it?
  • (Open the door.)
  • Who are you!?
  • Why have you come? You can’t even rescue me.
  • I won’t be able to survive….
  • What…?
  • So you mean Rika is the savior…?
  • Was that really the best?
  • Protecting Saeran was your duty?
  • How come? Is there something wrong?
  • Wait…are you talking about the prime minister?
  • What!?
  • I will be able to get out of this place alive, won’t I?

09:11 Now Alone

I missed this chatroom

12:16 Don’t Need You Anymore

I missed this chatroom


  • V: Could you hurry up? I’m starving.

14:31 How Does It Feel?

  1. I miss you…
  2. I’m scared….
  3. Why won’t she let you see me…?
  4. I’m so honored…. I want to stay your toy.
  5. I want to stay with you and you only….
  6. But you’re already strong… No one can hurt you.
  7. I prefer you than Ray.
  8. That’s not all… He was so frustrating.
  9. That’s why he was no longer needed.
  10. That’s right! You’re strong!
  11. No! Please stay here, Saeran!
  12. I know that. So please come see me…

16:56 Get Right Into It!

  1. Is the savior going to be here soon?
  2. For eternal paradise!
  3. So Mint Eye’s victory is near.
  4. He’s right! We should get the RFA right now!
  5. I’ll greatly appreciate it if you could postpone the ceremony…!
  6. I can be more faithful to the Mint Eye!
  7. Could you please give me that elixir too…?
  8. Please talk to her some more!
  9. Please save me. I want to stay here!


  • Alright… Calm down.
  • You’re right. They shouldn’t be the one to do this.
  • It’s painful….
  • Even if I’m gone, you won’t be saved….
  • …You’re strong, Saeran. You don’t have to torture someone to prove that.


  • Rika: Are you sure I deserve such an honor?

17:39 It’s not too late

  1. I’ll find him and send him back to you!
  2. I’m sorry… this is all my fault… I’ll do what I can.
  3. You can use me if you find me useful.
  4. It’d be an honor.
  5. You say it’s love, but it’s nothing but manipulating people with conditions as you’d like.
  6. You’re going to take care of him until the end? That’s so noble of you, my savior.
  7. If people question themselves, we can provide a respite for them with our hearts.
  8. Now I can do whatever you want me to. Now I’ve completely understood the Mint Eye!
  9. I’ll stand with you…!
  10. I’m all set to go.
  11. For eternal paradise…

19:47 Empty Shell

  1. I should tell the savior.
  2. I think you need the elixir again…..
  3. Why do you think this place is hell? This place will soon be a paradise!
  4. You didn’t have enough faith from the beginning….
  5. It’s dangerous world out there. You know that.
  6. Then you can’t secure your future. You’ll be scared.
  7. No. If you live like that, you’ll be a loner and waste your time.
  8. But you were born as a tragic human being. You don’t have a choice.

21:31 An Okay Suggestion

  1. This is bad. I’ll do what I can!
  2. He’s confused because of the elixir’s side effect.
  3. I’ll let you know right away once Saeran comes back.
  4. I’ll cooperate, my savior.
  5. I’ll do my best, my savior!
  6. That won’t happen. Please trust me.
  7. When that happens. I’ll witness it with solemn heart.


  • …V?
  • I must tell the savior about this!
  • For now…I want to be loyal to the savior.
  • Saeran…you were cruel to me…but you did your job well. Sort of. You’re not useless.
  • Is Ray really inside you, Saeran?
  • Whoever you are…I hope you stay strong.
  • Please come back as Ray.

23:13 Are You Okay?

  1. My messenger is back!
  2. Can you tell me what’s new so far?
  3. They didn’t get Seven yet?
  4. Oh, no need to mind this place, Jaehee. Are you sure we’re not having the party?
  5. Yes, don’t worry.
  6. Yes, I am!
  7. Zen! Is everyone alright?
  8. Why do I have to tell you? I’m tired.
  9. That’s okay. You were caring for me!
  10. When is Jumin coming back?
  11. I wanna try Yoosung’s stew once I’m back!
  12. No, that’s alright.
  13. There you go again….
  14. I think I saw someone who looks even better.
  15. Don’t bother.
  16. I’m sure he has complicated stories… Let’s understand him.
  17. Yes, please do. I wish I could talk to him all bright and cheery.
  18. Bye, Jaehee.
  19. I will survive, wherever I end up in.
  20. You don’t get to run a giant company without guts like his.
  21. …I’ll tell you everything soon. Please, go tell him I’m back.
  22. Don’t worry.

10th day

TEXT MESSAGES (I had these messages when I woke up XD ):

  • Jaehee: I’m fine… What about the other people?
  • Rika: What answer did you get?
  • V: You want me to lie to them?

01:46 Want to Think Positively

  1. Yoosung, are you interested in religions?
  2. Oh…I want to talk to you about my religion later on ^^
  3. I’m safe, but it’s not thanks to V.
  4. Yoosung, you don’t find this world a very beautiful place, do you? What if there is a paradise? Does it sound interesting?
  5. I’m sure he has a thousand things to worry about, even with me excluded…
  6. Did he have to work as an agent…? I mean, there is some other place that will really appreciate his talent…
  7. I’m so worried…. I hope they’ll realize that he’s innocent….
  8. Seven…. You must be busy…. You’re in one hot water.
  9. I’m sure he caused trouble. That must be why we couldn’t find him on the messenger.
  10. Did someone get you?
  11. He’s kidding, right?
  12. It’s too late.


  • Rika: My prayers are for Mint Eye.

03:18 Thought it was a joke

  1. There’s no way V can even protect Seven. He’s so helpless….
  2. Of course.
  3. If that’s the case, he’ll pay for his wrongs.
  4. He wouldn’t have lived as an agent…If he’d chosen Rika.
  5. It’s a secret. Please don’t ask.
  6. Are you here to tell me that you’ll handle it? Making new secrets again?
  7. Have you heard nothing about Seven?
  8. This is all your fault. You should admit it – you’re useless.
  9. I’m sure it’s another secret…
  10. Keep hiding like that, and you’ll lose this battle – !
  11. I thought you’re the one who introduced the life as an informant to Seven. Is that really all you know?
  12. V, you’re the only one who can explain to us about Seven’s secrets. And you’re the only one who can move everyone to save Seven!
  13. Stop being so frustrating!
  14. Now you see that you can’t trust him?
  15. You realized that now? RFA is so much more nave that I thought… It’d be easy to bring all of you here.
  16. I have a feeling now the RFA will be full of suspicious and uncertainties.
  17. You’re the representative of the RFA, but you’re being so stubborn to your members. Everyone will stay forever in darkness.
  18. Don’t you think making Seven one of the RFA was a mistake in the first place?
  19. Let’s just reveal everything and make RFA choose, to whether stay here or join this place.
  20. I did. That’s why my heart is now broken…
  21. If this is because you made a wrong choice, V, I see no reason why we should be pity you.
  22. You should now take full responsibility for what happened and lead the rest of the RFA to the rightful path.
  23. It’s all your fault that your relationship with Rika too an irrevocable turn.
  24. No. When people love each other, they should give exactly what they want. You couldn’t give Rika the love she wanted.
  25. I want someone to love me in the most perfect way. I trust there will be someone if it’s destined.
  26. Even if you weren’t perfect, you should’ve never stopped trying to make your love perfect.
  27. V, Rika didn’t happened to be your first love, did she?
  28. You’re not going to take long again, are you?
  29. Don’t you find V suspicious? You’re so naïve, Zen.
  30. If feels like we’re left with nothing new.
  31. You say you’ll do something, but you won’t actually do it. You think words alone will make a difference?
  32. Bye.
  33. I think I understand Rika better than you do.
  34. If you’re looking for an art, you should find it in your workplace.
  35. Romantic love?
  36. You should give up now. RFA won’t be staying in one piece anymore.
  37. I’ll be staying here.

06:21 What happened last night

  1. I don’t think we can find out anything new, unless V tells us his secrets.
  2. You got a typo.
  3. I wanted to tell you. But I didn’t get the chance, my savior.
  4. I’ll keep that in mind, my savior.
  5. They are so frustrating. You must save them now!
  6. Can’t we save Seven?
  7. What benefit will I get?
  8. I think you should administer him well, my savior.
  9. He visited me last night.
  10. That’s great. Does he need cleansing ceremony, by any chance?
  11. I’m sure you made things very clear for him.
  12. So you’re thinking of me highly.
  13. I can’t wait to be saved….
  14. I did. V is feeling guilty for you. He feels guilt that he couldn’t give you the love you needed….
  15. He’ll soon kneel before you, my savior.
  16. Saeran will soon wake up. And he’ll make you happy.
  17. Alright, my savior.

08:36 I’ll Tell Everything

  1. It was… Could you please tell the intelligence unit about it?
  2. But you’re fine with your life even without the RFA messenger…
  3. It was frustrating that he wouldn’t tell the truth.
  4. But the reason why he told us his secrets is kind of ambiguous…. I think there’s more to it.
  5. V, you returned sooner that I thought.
  6. Are you here to tell us that you’ll handle Seven’s disappearance?
  7. You’re right. He brought this upon himself.
  8. I think there’s something hideous going on, where the laws cannot reach.
  9. You’re not going to badmouth Rika, are you?
  10.  V, I think you have a really bad leadership.
  11. Yoosung…Let me join you! Let’s share the weight of this secret!
  12. We’ll see if the results are in our favor.
  13. But the cosplays were just pranks, right?
  14. We could use the genes from his family. I mean, his family is very powerful…
  15. Yoosung, please don’t freak out!!
  16. He abandoned his own brother as he become an agent.
  17. I wouldn’t talked to him and made him one of us.
  18. Yes. They were supposed to leave themselves to the same fat, but V decided to ruin that.
  19. No, his brother is doing much better. He’s at a place full of happiness.
  20. I think the RFA need protection….
  21. How much more are you planning to spill?
  22. You gotta do better than that to ask for forgiveness…
  23. Please consider me an angel from Rika.
  24. Yes. And I’m still doing that.
  25. Yes. There were a couple troubles, but I survived.
  26. The second hacker is the real one. The first one is a fake.
  27. Both brothers were hurt because of you, V.
  28. He’ll be angry. And he’ll lose faith in you, V.
  29. That’s what you thought? That was stupid of you.
  30. About the person who used Seven’s brother?
  31. I think you’re already having a hard time…trying to wrap your head around Seven’s past.
  32. He could’ve tried to reason with the prime minister back then.
  33. I must admit Seven’s family is really smart.
  34. Yes. At least his brother’s safe, and that’s good.
  35. Who knows if she’s still alive? That could be part of the secrets.
  36. I only wish to bring the RFA to the Mint Eye, my savior.
  37. This is a chance to bring both Seven and the prime minister to the Mint Eye.
  38. Everything will go as you wish, my savior.
  39. With you love, he’ll soon open his eyes.

11:49 Best Present

  1. How are Zen and Jaehee doing?
  2. It’s too dangerous. You can’t reveal them.
  3. That is unacceptable. We must protect the paradise!
  4. We must stop the RFA and bring the prime minister and Seven here…
  5. I think he’ll be of great help to the Mint Eye.
  6. It’s great relief that Saeran is under your perfect protection.
  7. He made such a poor vow that he’ll be a parent. He shouldn’t have done that.
  8. Seven will eventually join us. I can tell him better that anyone else that this place is the safest ground on Earth.
  9. He was brought up in a blessed environment. He’ll never understand.
  10. Everyone at this place can stay secure because you’re here.
  11. For eternal paradise.

13:56 Unexplainable Situation

  1. This place is just great. Don’t worry about me.
  2. Maybe V put those brothers against each other…
  3. They should’ve grown under the same parent. I think things ended up like this because that wasn’t the case.
  4. Even if that’s true, hatred is different form snow that will melt away after mere hour of sunbathing…
  5. But there’s no denying that man got the brains.
  6. But it can’t be helped. The smart rule over the world.
  7. I actually have a huge secret my own.
  8. Anything new about Seven’s whereabouts?
  9. Is there anything the unit can do…?
  10. You shouldn’t push yourself. You should stay safe.
  11. He’s so sly, like his father…
  12. He’s unconscious right now. But maybe it’s better without him. Even if he wakes up, he’ll find himself back on his desk.
  13. It’ll depend on the command.
  14. When is Jumin coming back?
  15. Grave is Jumin’s absence..
  16. Then just show them people some documents. Doesn’t that do the trick?
  17. Can’t he tell apart his business form his personal life?!
  18. I think you’d lose more that you’d gain.
  19. What is V doing right now?
  20. Let’s see whether he can beat his father.
  21. Please let us know once Jumin calls you.
  22. This place is heaven. I wish could invite you for a visit.
  23. We’ll see.
  24. Of course. I’ll stay positive! Now run along.


  • Yoosung★: You’re giving a gift to Jumin and not to Zen?

16:13 Return of Jumin

  1. Jumin! Is your interview over?
  2. I’m glad you’re safe, Jumin. Now we could use your judgment.
  3. I think he wanted to tell you to never go back there…
  4. But C&R is going haywire with audits…
  5. This isn’t time to show off.
  6. We need to approach him in secret and offer a deal. He’s smart and won’t be wavered by emotions.
  7. Because he wants to gain additional information on Seven…?
  8. Not possible. The hacker is already so happy here.
  9. Hacker won’t join you. He can’t find happiness in the RFA’s world.
  10. I can’t help you. Rather…why don’t you two come here in person and talk to him directly? I’ll escort you.
  11. …Don’t get your hopes up.
  12. Even if he gets back, he won’t be able to cooperate with the RFA.
  13. His love for his brother is long gone.
  14. I should tell you that there’s only a slim chance of success.
  15. ….
  16. I’m sorry, but Jumin’s plan will fail.
  17. Bye!

And that’s how you get the Ray Bad Story Ending 3. Enjoy it!!!

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  1. Hello! I used your guide to try to get this ending and I still have not gotten it unfortunately 😦 I did miss a few chats because of sleep (and I didn’t have the hourglasses to participate in the missed chats). I picked the answers you chose and responded to the texts based on the guide but I did not answer emails. Could it have been the chats I missed or are the emails a factor as well??


    • Hello! I think the chats you missed are the main factor, because when I made this guide, I also tried different variants. Then, I tried to prove what happened if I missed a chat and it resulted in a failure :(. Don’t worry about emails, they don’t really matter. I hope you get it soon 🙂


  2. Bless you for making this guide!! I have been trying for months to get this!! Turns out I was either too much of a pushover or wasn’t agreeing with Rika enough!! A thousand thank yous!

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    • I love video games and I think you’re never too old to play them!! Online games are sometimes difficult to play, but for the time they require and, that’s why, I play video games of all kinds both online and offline since it’s a way to enjoy all kinds of stories. I recommend you play them regardless of age, regardless of anything, just for fun!!! 😉


  4. Hi! I used your guide to get this ending and I still have not gotten it. I didn’t miss any chats and I picked the answers you choose…Is it possible that this ending has sort of bug? XDDD or what


    • Hi! I don‘t think it‘s a bug, it‘s just a very complicate ending XD. Anyway, you mentioned you didn‘t miss any chat, but did you miss the same I did??? You can try it again, I try this guide a lot of times to be sure it worked and I realized that if you do something, anything, a little different, it don‘t work XD. So, please try it again and if you have problem again, I will see how to help you. I hope you get it soon! Good luck!!


      • Hi! Sorry to bother you but is it REALLY necessary to do this walkthrough from day 1? Can’t i just start following it from day 9 branch? Also do i have to respond to text messages to have it guaranteed?


      • I am not very sure about day 1, but definitely you can’t start from day 9, I did that a lot of times and it never woked :(. About the text messages, you have to respond them, you can miss one or two maybe. But to be honest, I tried a lot of combinations and this is the only that worked for me 😀


    • Really?? Mmmm… Sorry, I tried these answers 3 times and I realized the messages and the chats are the key. Sorry, I don’t know what could be the problem 😦 I’m going to try it again to verify all 🙂


  5. Now I see that i’ve missed 2 chatrooms (other one than the one you missed) on day 9, should I spent points on these? or it wont change anything anymore? (I have save before bad ending 3 branch)


    • If I remember well, the branch is in day 9 after chat of 14:31. If you spent points in a chat of day 9 before unlock this branch, it has to work 😀


  6. Girl you saved me. I have been trying to get this ending ever since saeran route came out. I tried another person’s guide and it failed me twice and you were my last hope. Thank you so much for making this I was so close to giving up lol. Bless you!


    • Hi!! I’m glad I helped you! I know the sensation, it was very difficult to obtain it, I almost gave up XD


  7. I just wanted to say thank you! I’ve tried to get this ending about five times and I always ended up passing it. So thank you so so much! I finally have all the endings for ray now ❤


  8. okey, im trying to reach 3rd bse maybe 6th time (i tried on my own, i tried following guides but it didnt work). im full of hope, that this time i finally get it


  9. I think I´m gonna cry, can´t someone who actually made this walkthrough, I´ve been suffering with this bad end for months


    • Hi!! Well, you have to answer the text messages at least before the branchs. But you need to answer them because they give you hearts. 😛


  10. Omg I’m so grateful to you for writing this! After multiple fails I finally found this super guide and (even in spite of accidentally picking the wrong choice a time or two) got the elusive unicorn ending lol. Thanks so much!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hola!
      Con respecto al chat antes de las 2, que es el de las 00:00 si no me equivoco, lo que sucede es que no lo conteste ya que yo empece con el chat de las 02:12.

      En el caso del de las 06:30, lo perdí a propósito. Le coloco “I miss this chatroom” cuando se da este caso, ya que tuve que perder algunos para lograr así este ending.

      ¿¿Si eran esos los chats a lo que te referías?? 😛


  11. Hola buenas tardes.
    Si eso eran los chat que decia.
    Disculpa que te moleste que pasa si empiezo despues de la primera ramificacion por ejemplo
    Empiezo el dia 7 hasta 10 con la Guia. Espero
    Que puedas responder mi duda 😀 por favor y gracias


    • ¿Te refieres a no seguir la guía desde el comienzo? Pues no te garantizo que puedas obtener este final porque yo intente muchas respuestas y sólo éstas me funcionaron :D. Saludos!


    • Hi! Well, when I tried the method you tell me I couldn’t obtain this ending, probably counting bad hearts is not enough if you don’t start getting them since the beginning.


  12. Nilda-chan muchas gracias sequi la Guia hasta final lo logre 😄. Gracias por traer esta increible Guia que te tomo mucho tiempo muchas gracias de verdad 👍


  13. Hello,
    Thank you so much for the guide, following it now. I just have a question.
    I’m on day 8, and after 01:37 Rapid Contact, Saeran texts MC. Do we not need to reply to it? I didn’t see it in the guide.

    Thanks. : )


    • Hi! I don’t remember that text, but if I don’t have it in the guide it’s because it never happened to me XD. Sooo, it’s best to ignore it 😛


  14. Hello, good morning. First of all thank you very much for making the guide 😊.
    And Second, I have a diñuda regarding day 9, should I skip the 9:11 and the 12:16 chat? In the guide it only says “miss the chat room”, so I didn’t understand very well. Thank you very much 🥺


  15. helloo quick question about this. So the branch for bad ending 2 is on day 9, but i wanted to know if the answers we choose before that branch affect this ending?


    • Hi! Sorry for not answering before >.< But yes, all the answers you choose before the branch affect the ending.


  16. hey! super late to the party (i’m picking up this old mission after years of unsuccessful attempts) but i was wondering if the first-day chats in the common route matter? with this new attempt, i started around the afternoon, so my first chatroom is the 14:08 chatroom Zen’s Consideration. if i don’t miss a single chatroom from here onwards, will i still be able to get the ending? this is my tenth try to get this ending and it has been bugging me for such a long time arghhh


  17. THIS. WORKS. Oh, if you are biting away all your fingernails (like my boy Saeran) to get this one ending you’re missing, you are in luck. This guide WORKS. A huge thanks to the author. You are truly an angel.




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