Cover image: Christmas vector created by Creative_hatwww.freepik.com

I really am very happy because this is already my second Christmas and my second New Year with “The Picky Champy”, and that has allowed me to reach more lovers of video game design. Also, I am very grateful to MoeGamer and to Blerdy Otome for having mentioned me in one of their posts, that made me smile a lot!!

However, I know that there was no happiness for many people this year because, as a result of the pandemic that began in 2019, many people lost their jobs, money and, above all, their loved ones. I know my posts are not much of a contribution to the problem we are currently facing, but at least I want to provide a means by which people can forget about the bad situation a bit, and relax with a few paragraphs on video games and design. That is why I will continue to strive to offer you more and more interesting writing.

Please take good care of yourselves, wear masks and do not leave the house too much so that together we can overcome what we are going through. I send many hugs and my best wishes to all.

Happy New Year 2021!!

I'm a Graphic Designer in love with Otomes and JRPG. I like the interface design area and that's why I really like to talk about this theme. You can win me over with a good videogame Illustration book and a good capuccino.

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